Sunday, 30 May 2010

Over a month!!!!

So I didn't realise it had been over a month since I last posted, I can't quite believe how quickly time is going!

I have been busy changing jobs and I start my new one on Tuesday just after the bank holiday. So how is the weight loss going I hear you ask? Well in a way it's going rather well. This week I weighed 169.9kg, which is only a 0.4kg loss in a month, but that riding trip I had to Wales, followed by that weekend in bath riding and playing american football. Well it turns out that I went up to 174.5kg!! All that hard work undone.

However it has now been redone, and I have to step up my riding in preperation for the trip to the alps. Thiis is going to be harder said then done, that new job I was talking about, well it is 7:30 am till 7:30 pm with a 40min drive either side, so any chance of going to the gym before work has gone out of the window. No gym near the place where I work opens any earlier!

This means I now have to go to the gym after work, which is something I have really struggled with only managing twice a week on average while I was averaging 5 times a week before work. I'm going to have to see how my new job pans out, and due to the decrease in my exercise I'm going to have to officially start dieting.

Though this year is looking to be the first time since I was 19 that I am not heavier then my age.

Next week, on Friday I shall start updating again, I will also add graphs and a what has been eaten/exercise undertaken table.

Thanks for the comments.

Oh and I would like to say well done to Adam for finishing University, finally, two years late.......

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A late 16th of April update: 2 Stone down

Right so back on track I jumped on the scales and I was down to 170.3 kg which is 6.9 st so in total now I have lost just over 2 st.

I'm in Wales at the minute on a cycling holiday, so far we have had 2 days riding and tomorrow morning I'm about to climb snowdon, if I'm still alive I'll post some pictures up later.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I've hit the wall


I have hit the wall..... Jumped on the scale after two weeks and have showed no loss. It's sad times, I seem to of lost motivation to. This is the point at which in previous years I have given up. However thanks to the 16 followers I'm not going to give up.

Work was a killer in April with 70hr weeks, however that has now changed, thanks to the gov giving us a lot less money. I will be back to the gym with a new vengence and hope for a loss on friday when I next jump on the scales.

However on a positive note my riding has now hit new heights and my attitude is a lot more can do then it ever has been.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Week 8

So, I didn't update last week, so for those of you who care i'm sorry, last week I lost 0.5kg and this week a mere o.2kg making my overall weight 173kg

It's getting harder, work is getting busier and I am out more evenings (working) a week. Though once april hits i'm not going to be very busy at work so can really step it up, I have lots of trips away planned to which I need to start getting myself ready for. Still for another week, cya

Monday, 8 March 2010

Week 6

Well, it's a bit later, but never the less I did hope on the scales on Friday and it was another loss only of 1.3kg but that makes me 10kg lighter from when I started.

I should of updated earlier but on Sat was an all day trip to Cwm Carn for some biking, if you look closely at the picture, you will notice that it isn't a plane but is infact me. Yes I am off the ground. Then on sunday popped up to sheffield. However today I'm back at work so I thought I would update everyone.
I think this week i'm going to try and get some longer rides planned as I'm off to Wales at the end of April and don't want to hold the group up.
This week I'm going to aim for a 2kg loss which would mean that I will have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Week 5

Right so this week I managed a 2.3kg loss, which equates to about 5lbs. My total weight loss is now 8.3kg not to bad in 5 weeks. Managed to up the swimming to 105 lenghts in an hour, which ain't to bad. Thanks to all the people reading this thead helped me stay motivated after the flat week I had last week.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Not much to report this week, i'm the same weight as I was last week. I've upped my swimming to 84 lenghts, but then ruined my shoulder doing weights.

All but 1 off the days I had planned for riding were called of due to poor weather. Doesn't help that a friend was visiting from Hong Kong so we went to TGIs then there was also pancake day.....

However its a new week so I'm going to start again and I still have not had any sweets or fizzy drinks this year yet...

Ridng this weekend has been cancelled due to snow as well however I should be going to chicksands on sunday.

Friday, 12 February 2010

My 3rd Week, My First Stone

Hi Guys,

Well, I had a shaky start to the week (which in this case is the weekend since weigh in is on Friday).

It was a busy week last week so mostly I just sat on the couch caught up on the weeks TV, played some PS3, oh and watched the super bowl, I didn't go the gym, and I had my first dominos.

At least the Saints one, I did want the colts to win, but since my team is the Vikings I was soon moved by the underdog story and was glad when the saints won.

Anyway I digress, jumped on the creaking scales today I registered another loss of 1kg exactly. So i now weigh 177.5kg which is 27.95 stone.

So that’s it, 3 weeks down and 1 stone lighter, I don't feel much different, but hey, I've only lost about 3% of my overall weight.

The plan for next week, well I'm starting off on the right foot, I'm going riding on Sat, then I'm of to the gym to get my weights program. Then on Tuesday I'm riding in Surrey, then I'll try to get out a few more times.

I go swimming every weekday morning before work, I do 53 lengths (1007m), half breast stroke 1/2 front crawl. When I started this I struggled with 30 lengths. I'm going to step it up this week so I'm going to start swimming 84 lengths which is basically 1600m.

Hopefully next week will be a bigger loss.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Another week another....

It's still good news this week, I'm happy to report that it is still a loss.

I was getting worried that a 3 course meal with good friends in London on Wednesday would ruin my hard work done throughout the week.

My weight this week is 178.5kg, a total loss of 1.7kg which sounds rubbish until you use lbs then it sounds better at 3.52lbs.

However hopefully next week will be better, though I do have a group of friends round on sunday to watch the superbowl so might have to step up exercise next week.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The world at risk


For various reasons, the stability of the earths crust, the delicate balance of the earths orbit, and the fact my shins don't really like it, I don't normally run, however I've decided run the risk of damaging the world and I'm going to participate in the sport relief mile.

Now I know it's called the sport relief mile, and a mile isn't very hard to run, however this year there are variations on the theme, and I've decided to do the 3mile run. Yes thats right people, 3 whole miles, and for me thats about 2.9 miles more then I usually run in American Football.

Now I'd like to say I'm doing this is for charity, and it is so sponsor me , but I'm doing it to help me loose weight.

I'll update the blog soon to inform people of how I'm going about loosing weight, but so far I'm to busy working 14hour days, so when I get some time, probably after Fridays weigh in I will.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Week 1

Hi guys, as I promised I would update it at least every week. Lucky for me my first week is good news, this week I lost 3.5kg or for those of you too old to know what that it is, it's 7.7lbs in biddy language. So not a bad start!!!

To celebrate my success (all be it 1 weeks worth) I've bought myself a new present. I'll post pics of that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

In the beginning

My english isn't very descriptive and I'm new to blogging so you'll have to bear with with me.

So this is me new years eve 2009, all 29st of me.

This year I've decided to get down to 18st and I'm writing this blog to share my exploits and hopefully you can join me when I reach my target.

When I reach my target I'm going to go jump out of a plane, with a parachute, and compete in the Trans Rockies which is a big mountain bike race, which is in fact my biggest hobby.

I know it's odd that my biggest hobby is something active like cycling, but in truth, I'm big because I eat too much rather then don't do enough exercise.

I will weigh in every Friday, and therefore, work permitting will update this at least every Friday.

My first weighin was Friday 22/01, and was 183.7kg and like I said, my aim is to get down to 114.3kg.

69.4kg to go.