Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Well on the way.

Right, so on Sunday I jumped on the scales. I was 146.7kg, which is amazing. That means, by friday to reach my target I only need to shed 0.7kg. Now here's the but, This week so far has been shocking. Work sucks, home life sucks, my car is pissing me about when I'm meant to be driving to the alps on friday, I've been pretty tierd all the week, and so far nothing has gone right.

The problem is I'm not one of these people who takes their stress out exercising, I'd preffer to wallow in self pty infront of the tv eating a tub of ben and jerries. Luckly, I have not done that. Which makes a nice change, and I have been going for my morning funs and evening gym sessions.

To make matters worse, I was doing press ups in te gym yesterday and today I can't move my elbow, so I guess it's not properly fixed.

Nevrmind, I'm sure this week will turn around, it damn sure can't get any worse (touch wood)

By the way, on sunday it was a nice morning, so I got up at 6 and went for run. I ran 7km, thats the most i've ever ran so I'm pleased about that, took just under 50minutes. I'm not doing anything to strenuous this week, as I'm get a bit worried about damaging myself before skiing.

I'm not going to update it next week as I'll be skiing, though I will speak to the people who own the chalet and i'll be sticking to my diet and skiing all day, and next week is the final week of my couch to 5 k runs.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Worst week yet

Last week was officially the worst week I've had.

I did loose 0.3kg but thats not really the point, yes a loss is a loss, however there was no reason to be so lazy and eat so poorly. Everything went out the window.

Not that I have much of a deffence, I did work for 24 hours on the friday unexpectadly, and at 2 in the morning there are not many places open selling food. Then on saterday morning, when i go back from work, I locked my keys in the house, so I had no option but to stay up, go for a bike ride, eat out for every single meal. When your tired, having worked for 24 hours and gone for a 6 hour bike ride the last thing you want to do is stick to a diet.

Anyway, so even though I didn't deserve it, I was glad I didn't gain weight last week. This week is a 'Ian must try harder' week, so far thats been the story of my life.

On my tombstone it will probably read something along those lines.

Never mind, I'm still going to hit the target by a week on friday then it's off skiing. I can wait, work is begining to get me down, not because I don't enjoy it, just I'm tired, and due to the early nights, morning runs, and evening gym sessions not much of a social life, so I just need a holiday. roll on next week :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011


So just oer a year since I started I have finally hit the half way mark. I weighed myself this morning because the next few days are going to be flat out and i wanted to get this post out.

I'm not sure what is motivating me, sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this, after a long week of exercise and not much food, I'm tired and grumpy, I stand on the scales and the loss doesn't make me happy anymore, it used too but now I expect it. Good things are happening though,; my eating habits have changed, simple things like take aways are now treats rather then normality, and for me this is new territory..... My weight now is 150.7kg. I've never been this weight as a fully grown adult. When I stopped growing I was over 24st. I've been reading other blogs written by other people and they go on about how they would like to do the things that they have not been able to do and this is what drives them.

Well, I've never thought that, if I wanted to do something I went and did it, I've don't know what it's like to be a fully grown adult who weighs 18 stone, because it's never happened. So these are new times, everything from this point is new as far as I'm concerned, and so far, I've not noticed any difference except for now I can run just over 4k without stopping which I could never do before, but on the other hand I've never tried.

I'm sure as i start to loose more weight, things i like doing will become easier and I will enjoy them more, become better at them and so on but I never didn't enjoy doing things.

So we shall see, as the loss starts to slow I'll need to find new things to motivate me, perhaps smaller waist trousers or longer runs, for the time being I'll keep plodding along.