Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The world at risk


For various reasons, the stability of the earths crust, the delicate balance of the earths orbit, and the fact my shins don't really like it, I don't normally run, however I've decided run the risk of damaging the world and I'm going to participate in the sport relief mile.

Now I know it's called the sport relief mile, and a mile isn't very hard to run, however this year there are variations on the theme, and I've decided to do the 3mile run. Yes thats right people, 3 whole miles, and for me thats about 2.9 miles more then I usually run in American Football.

Now I'd like to say I'm doing this is for charity, and it is so sponsor me , but I'm doing it to help me loose weight.

I'll update the blog soon to inform people of how I'm going about loosing weight, but so far I'm to busy working 14hour days, so when I get some time, probably after Fridays weigh in I will.

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