Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spot the difference.

So Skiing was excellent. Almost as good as the first time..... But, I ran every morning bar one, stuck to my diet except for at lunch, and only drank diet coke, and still put on weight! Not quite sure how that happened.

My weight went upto 150.1kg on sunday, but by tuesday had levelled out to 148.3kg all a bit odd. However it is what it is. I'm starting to feel the difference too which is always nice.

I've attached two photos, they are almost exactly 3 months apart, spot the difference....

The bottom was taken on Wednesday the 22nd of dec, and the top one was aken on the 30th of March....

Those following the exercise dairy, yes, the gym has been slacking, this is mainly due to my elbow hurting, and a general lack of motivation for the gym, I'm going to switch it up with more exercise outside of it, it was getting a bit tedious just going to the gym.

Wednesdays is now going to be football after work, and tuesdays and thursdays a night ride after work, mon, fri, sat and sun, will be gym sessions.

On a positive note, this week I completed the Couch to 5 km training app. I never used to be able to run more then 800m without dieing, and now I can go for a gental 7km jog.

I shall now be following the couch to 10k app, though I'll be starting on week 6.