Sunday, 25 April 2010

A late 16th of April update: 2 Stone down

Right so back on track I jumped on the scales and I was down to 170.3 kg which is 6.9 st so in total now I have lost just over 2 st.

I'm in Wales at the minute on a cycling holiday, so far we have had 2 days riding and tomorrow morning I'm about to climb snowdon, if I'm still alive I'll post some pictures up later.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I've hit the wall


I have hit the wall..... Jumped on the scale after two weeks and have showed no loss. It's sad times, I seem to of lost motivation to. This is the point at which in previous years I have given up. However thanks to the 16 followers I'm not going to give up.

Work was a killer in April with 70hr weeks, however that has now changed, thanks to the gov giving us a lot less money. I will be back to the gym with a new vengence and hope for a loss on friday when I next jump on the scales.

However on a positive note my riding has now hit new heights and my attitude is a lot more can do then it ever has been.