Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It's happened

OK, so officially the diet went to pot on the flight over there and didn't really ever had a chance, hence my early warning last week. Going out every night until 2 or 3 then up at 8 for a day sight seeing whilst only buying food on the go doesn't equate to a healthy diet. However, I did walk alot and I did go for the odd run in Central Park, which was the best part of New York IMO. My weight this morning was 161kg exactly, this is 0.1kg heavier then last week. In some ways I'm glad it's not more, but I'm still disappointed, never mind, I might just jump on the scales tomorrow when I'll probably be back under 160.9.

Still for next week the target stays the same as it was last week. 159kg by Monday. So far since Monday, I've been running once, and to the gym twice and I'm back on the diet. TBH I'm finding it rather easy to follow this diet and I'm not sure why. I'm going to buy a tape measure and start taking waist measurements now to see an improvement in that because I'm not sure what I was when I started, something around a 52 inch waist, and what I am now, then only difference I can tell is when I started I couldn't really put my belt on the first hole, and last week I had to buy a new one because it was too big.

Some long term goals I would like to set are 23 stone by the end of March and then 19 stone by my birthday on the 5th of August, whilst these are tough goals, I feel they are achievable with a bit of hard work!

Anyway it's late and Wednesdays is run day, so I'm off. Once again thanks for taking time out to read.

And in that pic, I'm wearing two fleeces, my skiing jacket and a tshirt, which is why I look quite puffy. It's the jacket sir... Honest!!

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