Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Target achived..... And a bit more

Well last week, you know the week that got off to a bad start with two McDonalds, well I lost a staggering 3.5kg, taking me down to 155.6kg. I didn't quite believe this, so I weighed my self in the evening and again yesterday and it all seems to tie in so I'm putting it down to a large water loss rather then proper weight loss. (weigh days are always post weekend binge on Mondays)

My target for this week then becomes slightly more complicated, if it was water loss, then I could easily put back on a couple of kgs however I still need to loose weight. So My target this week is 1.1kg, taking me down to 154.5kg. That's still on target to be 23 stone by my next skiing trip, but still achievable if last week was an error reading.

I have also damaged my elbow, i think I have a trapped nerve in the joint because I can't straighten it, not that I've ever been able to fully straighten it but no it's worse then usual and it actually hurts which it's never done before. I'm sure I'll get this sorted by August, but until then expect some more whining over it.

I'm getting a bit tied of exercising before and after work, my few nights off become kind off sacred and I'm not sure how sustainable it is. However I have 3 holidays coming up, end of feb, march then half of April, so these should give me the break that I'm looking for.

Thanks again for following, it does actually mean something.

Don't forget to keep a tab of my diary......

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