Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Worst week yet

Last week was officially the worst week I've had.

I did loose 0.3kg but thats not really the point, yes a loss is a loss, however there was no reason to be so lazy and eat so poorly. Everything went out the window.

Not that I have much of a deffence, I did work for 24 hours on the friday unexpectadly, and at 2 in the morning there are not many places open selling food. Then on saterday morning, when i go back from work, I locked my keys in the house, so I had no option but to stay up, go for a bike ride, eat out for every single meal. When your tired, having worked for 24 hours and gone for a 6 hour bike ride the last thing you want to do is stick to a diet.

Anyway, so even though I didn't deserve it, I was glad I didn't gain weight last week. This week is a 'Ian must try harder' week, so far thats been the story of my life.

On my tombstone it will probably read something along those lines.

Never mind, I'm still going to hit the target by a week on friday then it's off skiing. I can wait, work is begining to get me down, not because I don't enjoy it, just I'm tired, and due to the early nights, morning runs, and evening gym sessions not much of a social life, so I just need a holiday. roll on next week :)

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